Mission Statement

To provide each athlete the opportunity to reach his or her full potential by both developing athletic speed, endurance, and strength and fostering high self-esteem, personal accountability, self-discipline, goal setting, and goal achievement. CPTC seeks to develop well-rounded individuals who learn not only the fundamentals of athletic training but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound character.


* To foster strong minds and bodies.

* To ensure access to training facilities and equipment.

* To create and maintain an enjoyable and productive training environment.

* To encourage positive mental attitudes and mutual respect.

* To encourage athletes to learn, train, and compete at their highest level of achievement.

* To maximize opportunities for athlete's to participate in a quality program with special attention paid to their educational growth and physical welfare.

* To maximize opportunities for athletes to acquire positive values from their competitive experience and life skills enrichment program which will enhance their preparation for a productive life.

* To be a leader in providing equitable programs and opportunities for athletes and staff which exemplify the highest principles of gender and minority equity.

* To provide the atmosphere for participants to realize the importance of others, personal dignity, individual rights and the value of cooperative teamwork

* To attain personal and team goals.

* To encourage the motivation and commitment necessary for academic success.

* To foster the highest standards of ethical conduct, fair play and sportsmanship.

* To maximize and stabilize the generation of revenue from all sources to fund the program.
Philosophy: CPTC is concerned with guiding and directing athletes toward maximum development of their talents and abilities. The program strives to instill in young athletes an understanding of and appreciation for said concepts as these ideas relate to their success in training, in competition, and throughout their lives. CPTC endeavors to teach, train, and motivate young people to achieve their ultimate potential in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop. It is the club’s belief that the process of achieving is as significant as realizing the achievement itself.

At each level of the program, athletes are instructed to strive for excellence. Excellence in this sense represents the achievement of that level at which you know that you have done your utmost to become the best you are capable of becoming. This philosophy is consistent throughout the program, and every Panther, novice to Olympian, is encouraged to “Be the Best You Can Be”.

Vision Statement

We, the Corona Panthers Track Club, are committed to excellence and dedicated to developing Champions for Life.